Solowheel + Snow & Ice

Solowheel + Snow & Ice

Is it a good idea?

While Seattle city proper may not get much accumulation during our mild winters, some of you who aren't yet veteran Solowheel riders may be wondering how safe it is to ride through a bit of snow and ice. The short answer: it should be avoided.

While a bit of rain is usually not enough for us to lose much traction when riding with caution, adding snow and/or ice is asking for trouble especially in an urban setting. You could be putting yourself at risk, not to mention other folks around you. Some have experimented riding in such conditions with varying amounts of success, but we can't recommend it. 

Watching out for the unexpected

It's also worth noting anytime the temperatures start getting near freezing: you may encounter patches of ice even if there hasn't been much precipitation - especially in wet clumps of leaves. It's a good idea to always wear extra protective gear and ride with extra caution when conditions allow for surprises like black ice.